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The owner of the law firm “Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Lexa – Kanzlei für Wirtschaftsrecht”, Attorney at Law Carsten Lexa, LL.M., was born on June 10th of 1976 and has been practicing law since 2005.

He studied law at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg.

At the same time he successfully completed the accompanying studies of European Law (an in-depth education especially in the field of European law), thus he gained the title „Europajurist“.

In addition, Carsten Lexa was a long-time assistant to Prof. Dr. Schulze-Fielitz as well as to chairman Prof. Dr. Laubenthal. He did his juridical traineeship at the District Court of Würzburg and the department of public prosecution in Würzburg, at the corporate law firm Grünbaum, Gruner, Spamer, Lachner & Kreitz in Frankfurt/ Main and also at the US American law firm of Attorney at Law Chris Meyer in Key West, Florida.

In 2005, after his juridical education, Mr. Lexa gained his title „Master of Law“ in the field of International commercial law with the focus on international fiscal law, international commercial relations & funding and international corporate law. He did these studies during his one year residence in London at the University of Westminster.

After returning to Germany Mr. Lexa initially worked as an Associate Attorney at the well-known corporate law firm Lachner Graf von Westphalen Spamer in Frankfurt in the field of mercantile and corporate law as well as in the area of mergers and acquisitions. His work at this law firm included the assistance to different projects in the area of business law in Germany, especially in M&A transactions, business formations and also legal due diligences of companies.

Afterwards he opened his own law office in June 2007 as a cooperation partner of WPV Rechtsanwälte in Eibelstadt, near the city of Würzburg. His task there included consulting national and international middle-sized companies and freelancers in the field of corporate law, distribution law, financial sales law and contract design.

To concentrate his activities even more on the field of business law consultation, Mr. Lexa transferred to and established his law firm in Würzburg where he has been active since June 2009.

He advises companies and entrepreneurs in every matter of business law, especially in corporate law, distribution law and contract law. Besides he is publicly appointed proofreader for the juristic midterm examination and proofreader assistant for examinations in the area of the European accompanying studies at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität in Würzburg. He also is a guest lecturer at the University of Westminster in London in the field of international company law.

Since 2010 the solicitor Lexa has been a lecturer for business law at the University of Applied Science Würzburg-Schweinfurt and an external consultant to the RS Consulting Group in Frankfurt.

He regularly releases articles about current business law issues which are related to the practice and he is seminar facilitator for economic issues for different local and nationwide organizations and institutions, talking about the issue of company formation, company succession, claimmanagement and contract management.