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“Playing” with a bank in Russia

A 42-year-old Russian man won an interesting case against a Russian bank. This man received an unsolicited credit card offer from online bank Tinkoff Credit Systems. Unhappy with the credit card terms, the man scanned the term sheet, wrote in some new terms of his own, signed the document and send it back. The bank approved the contract without reading the new terms (this fact was only found out in court after the bank sued the customer). Funny: the interest rate for the card was o %, credit was unlimited and fees were “0″. In addition, there was a stipulation that the bank pays fines for changing or canceling the contract.

The man used the card for about 2 years. Then the bank canceled the card and sued because of outstanding fees, interest and late-payment fees. However, the man won gainst the bank! Now he sues the bank for $ 727.000,00 for not honoring the contract terms (the new ones written by himself, regading the stipulation that the bank has to pay a fine for canceling the contract). Let´s see what the result will be….