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Professional network

Professional Network

You quite rightly expect your lawyer to answer optimal and profound to your questions. Because of the complexity of the different legal materials, nearly shoreless judicature in different sectors of the law and unbridled activities of the German legislator, nowadays, it‘s not possible to be an expert in every sector of law.

Therefore we work together with several legal specialists to give you a widespread advise in the field of business law. Furthermore we can draw on different highly qualified experts who have an excellent knowledge in the field of business related economic questions because we are a member of the well-known “Beraternetz Mainfranken”, an association of regional and highly specialized management consultants (and we are the only law office that was granted access to this group).

The Network of Lexa lawyers is listed below.


Attorney Thomas Prochaska

Activity emphasis: labor law (specialized solicitor), traffic law (specialized solicitor).


Attorney Konstantin Malakas

Activity emphasis: IT law, competition law, trademark law, copyright law.


Attorney Georg Dierkes

Activity emphasis: occupational pension, social law, pension insurance law


Beraternetz Mainfranken

The “Beraternetz Mainfranken” is an association of highly qualified management consultants who have an outstanding knowledge in their specialty and are located in the region of lower Franconia. We would like to emphasis with the membership in this association our aspiration in advising our clients not only legally but also by involving qualified contacts from different economic sections to give the best advice to our clients.